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Mold Remediation in Shreveport, LA

When you think of the damage that can threaten your home, you may not always think about mold. The truth is, since mold isn’t always visible or obvious, you may not even realize you have a mold problem in your house. The truth is, however, that mold doesn’t need to visible on your drywall or wallpaper to pose a threat or cause an allergic reaction.

DKI – Xpert Restoration Services are experienced at providing mold remediation in Shreveport, LA. Our damage repair team is ready to investigate your crawlspaces, basements, attics, windows, walls, and sink areas to see if you are dealing with a mold problem and to devise a plan to handle it. General mold remediation isn’t just important for keeping you healthy, but it is also necessary to help you avoid potential aesthetic and structural issues later, if the mold spreads.

Stop Mold Growth Immediately


The damp conditions of our state make for a great breeding ground for all types of different mold. And the longer the mold is allowed to live in your property, the more it will spread. That is why it is important to begin working with our general and crawlspace mold remediation team right away as soon as you suspect a mold problem in your home.

Utilizing only the finest in cutting-edge equipment, our trained and experienced team is able to quickly come out to your location and begin investigating for mold. This helps you drastically reduce the amount of damage the mold can cause while also giving you a break from the allergic mold reactions.

The Perfect Mold Remediation Plan


No two mold situations are exactly the same, which means you need to be able to work with someone that understands the science behind mold remediation by your side to effectively remove it from your home. Our team assesses each mold situation individually so that we can create a plan that eliminates the mold completely while helping you to restore any property loss along the way. When you want mold removed from your home once and for all, you need to turn to our exceptional, compassionate team of professionals.

Closing CTA: Contact us to learn more about the importance of general mold remediation for your home or business. Our team is helping to make properties throughout the Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, area free of dangerous mold.

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